Accord reduces rates of residential rates at higher LTVs

Accord Mortgages is reducing selected rates across its higher LTV ranges by up to 0.10% to help brokers support their clients with smaller deposits.

The intermediary-only lender will launch the revised residential range on Friday 26 February.

Highlights for borrowers looking to purchase a house include a 2-year fixed rate at 2.93% (was 3.03%) at 85% LTV and a 5-year fixed rate at 2.93% (was 2.99%) at 85% LTV.

Both products come with a £495 fee, £500 cashback and free valuation.

In addition, the 5-year fixed rate at 90% LTV has been reduced to 3.57% (was 3.61%) and comes with a £495 fee, £750 cashback and free valuation.

Accord is also improving the rates on products that are available to those remortgaging, including a 2-year fixed rate of 2.72% (was 2.82%) at 85% LTV with a £995 fee.

This mortgage is also available for house purchase.

Also reduced is the 2-year fixed rate of 2.86% (was 2.91%) at 85% LTV which comes with a £495 fee, £250 cashback, free valuation and remortgage legal service.

Jemma Anderson, mortgage manager at Accord, said: “We’ve reduced a number of rates across our higher LTV ranges to give brokers more competitive choice for clients with smaller deposits.

“Brokers will notice both shorter and longer initial deal terms benefit from the changes, and there’s options for both house purchase clients and those looking to remortgage.

“With a number of incentives remaining on mortgages across the range, we’re confident this revised range will be welcomed.”

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