Alternative Bridging Corporation partners with Nivo

Alternative Bridging Corporation has entered into a partnership with Nivo in order to offer an app-based solution to customers.


The solution aims to make the application process quicker and easier for customers and administration staff.

Alternative Bridging offers short-term secured funding of up to £10m for individuals, property developers and businesses.

Using the new Nivo app, borrowers can complete biometric ID verification from their own home using the latest facial recognition technology via their mobile devices.

In addition, the document upload functionality and secure instant messaging enables customers to share confidential documents.

Allan Kay, director of Alternative Bridging Corporation, said: “At Alternative Bridging, we understand the importance of supporting flexible human underwriting with the latest technology.

“Speed of application and execution is a key factor in bridging finance, so it is important that we make the customer journey as quick and smooth as possible.

“Nivo’s solution provides a slick mobile experience which benefits brokers, borrowers and our staff.”

Polly Taylor-Pullen, business development at Nivo, added: “At Nivo we strive to constantly improve lender and broker conversions by enabling all parties to interact easily and securely and reduce the time between application and completion.

“The Nivo app is a cost-effective solution to the limitations of post and email providing a secure and seamless mobile journey which can be implemented within days.

“In a market such as bridging, where speed is so important, it’s great to see Alternative Bridging already benefitting from their customers downloading and using the app to communicate and transfer documents and I’m sure they will build on this success by staying at the forefront of the switch to digital processing.”

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