Aspen lowers rates and increases loan sizes

Bridging lender Aspen has reduced rates on all products, increased loan sizes and upped commercial LTVs in what it has marketed as a ‘Winter Offer’.

Rates will now range from 0.49% to 0.59% per month across residential bridging ranges, including its 80% LTV and heavy refurb products.

The lender is offering a higher LTV of 72.5% on all of its commercial products, while it has increased loan size from £1m to £1.5m for customers with acceptable credit.

Ed Ahrens, managing director at Aspen, said: “Our focus is fundamentally on service and our enhanced team is able to provide the fastest and most reliable turnarounds in the industry. We have also complemented this with market-leading rates.”

Aspen said it is looking to expand its book and deliver products to a wider audience.

The new offering is available for both new and existing introducers.

Coombs added: “Our message to brokers out there looking for a reliable lender is simple: Look at the cases we have recently completed in record time.

“You and your clients will not be disappointed!”

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