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Ashley Ilsen is head of lending at Regentsmead

Can the property market trump expectations?

14th November 2016 0

It’s been a good year for surprises; two unexpected results with the referendum and the recent US election, Leicester City winning the league and Arsenal not finishing fourth. The problem with surprises, particularly in the […]


Development finance is not without risks

31st May 2016 0

One of the main issues is in the mind-set behind lending someone else’s money. I can refer back to the old adage that anyone can lend money, the skill is of course making sure you […]


Londoners need to vote with caution

3rd May 2016 0

As we come to the end of Boris’ tenure as Mayor of London, the capital is in very different shape to where we were when he stepped in in 2008. Large infrastructure schemes such as […]