Craig McKinlay

Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

The COVID catalyst for complex

Fri 23 Jul 2021

As restrictions and fiscal measures ease, it’s worthwhile taking a look back at how the pandemic has changed the housing market and what ‘complex’ now means in specialist lending.

Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

The changing landscape for the self-employed

Wed 10 Feb 2021

While lender attitudes towards self-employed borrowing have moved on since 2001, a significant majority still struggle to get accepted for a mortgage today. If it were easy, these types of mortgages would be mainstream.

Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

Buy-to-let: saint or sinner?

Tue 5 Nov 2019

You only need to type ‘buy-to-let’ and see that one of the first news articles online is questioning whether the market is ‘dead.’