Shoaib Bux

The pricing conversation

Thu 25 Jul 2019

Shoaib Bux (pictured) is managing director of Arbuthnot Specialist Finance  In specialist finance, we put more effort into keeping the client at the heart of our business than almost any other industry. The current conversation around transparency of pricing and the structure of a lender’s overall return hasn’t arisen from any external pressure, but rather […]

The opportunities of PDR and the critical role of specialist finance

Wed 10 Jul 2019

Shoaib Bux (pictured) is joint managing director at Arbuthnot Specialist Finance As a specialist lender, the government’s decision to establish Permitted Development Rights (PDR) as a permanent scheme marked an exciting development for the UK’s property market. This was a clear sign of government confidence in the scheme, which allows changes to be made to […]