Sultan Choudhury intro to islamic finance

The growth of Islamic fintech

Thu 16 Sep 2021

Islamic fintechs are using the same underpinnings of lean business models and enabling technology, but with one greater value add - that is, Shariah compliance and the ethical nature of the Islamic fintech.

Sultan Choudhury intro to islamic finance

The demand for Islamic finance in the UK

Mon 16 Aug 2021

The UK is now the top Western Centre for Islamic finance, with the number of institutions offering these services estimated to be nearly double the number located in the US, and far ahead of other Western countries.

Bridging offers the answer to discounted family purchases

Mon 19 Jul 2021

We have seen a notable number of investors purchasing a property owned by a relative. This often comes with the added benefit of being able to land that property at a price below what they may have paid if purchasing from a stranger if purchasing through the regular process.

Sultan Choudhury intro to islamic finance

An introduction to Musharaka for term financing

Tue 6 Jul 2021

Islamic Finance uses several structures in providing alternative financing products. For most conventional products, there is an Islamic finance alternative. Term financing is no exception.

Sultan Choudhury intro to islamic finance

How is Islamic finance ethical?

Thu 15 Apr 2021

To understand the ethical nature of Islamic finance, it's vital to understand Shariah - a system encompassing belief, practice and character.