Steve Barber

A glimpse of the future of banking

Thu 18 Jan 2018

Steve Barber is managing director of Bridging Finance Solutions It is 2027 and you need to do some banking. You raise your wrist, say ‘bank’ and your smartwatch scans your retina to biometrically authenticate your identity through your self controlled blockchain Identity passport . You have permissioned the bank access your profile and you update the […]

Have recent Budget changes resulted in a paradigm shift?

Tue 7 Jun 2016

Over centuries many asset classes have come and gone, many investors have made their money and departed and trends in the investment market have peaked, troughed and disappeared. Property has been the most significant investment by the vast majority of people in the world for centuries but will we see a significant shift towards different […]

Bridging in a changing market

Wed 27 Apr 2016

The bridging industry is maturing and is a growing industry for those looking to access fast finance. Steve Barber, managing director of Bridging Finance Solutions discusses the key factors affecting the bridging sector for the following 12 months and considers the changes ahead A low interest rate environment has had the most significant impact on […]