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Avamore makes first internal promotion to principal

Phil Gould Avamore principal

In Avamore Capital’s first ever internal promotion to principal, Philip Gould (pictured) joins Amit Majithia, Nikolay Petkov, Zuhair Mirza and Michael Dean to form the lender’s senior leadership team.


Gould joined Avamore Capital in March 2019 as a senior underwriter following his former role as head of credit at a proptech lender.

Since joining, Gould has been responsible for completing 60% of Avamore’s transactions.

He took over as head of underwriting at the start of 2020, and has now been promoted further to principal; in this role, Gould will continue to lead the underwriting team but will now work more closely with the other principals on the strategic growth and management of the business.

Amit Majitha, principal at Avamore, said: “Philip’s promotion comes at the beginning of a particularly important phase in the further growth and development of Avamore Capital.

“Not only is Philip an extremely talented credit underwriter, but he has proven his ability to generate positive solution-driven outcomes with even the most complex of issues.

“This is testament to his skill but also demonstrates his commitment to the success of the business.

“He holds strong internal and external relationships and is supported by a great team which, under Philip’s guidance, will no doubt flourish in the years ahead.

“He is a huge asset to the business, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact he will make across the company in his new role as principal.”

Philip Gould added: “I am extremely proud to be the first person promoted into the role of principal.

“I have a great deal of respect for everyone within the business and am looking forward to being a part of the senior management.

“My main focus in the months ahead will be to continue building an industry leading underwriting team which ensures that we provide outstanding service for our customers.”


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