Avamore appoints head of operations and marketing and VP

Avamore Capital has promoted Sabinder Sandhu (pictured) from marketing manager to head of operations and marketing; she will now lead a team of three that is split across both functions.


Sandhu has also been promoted to vice president for the company; this is Avamore’s first internal VP promotion, and she joins head of underwriting, Philip Gould.

Sandhu officially joined the Avamore team in April 2018 as a marketing co-ordinator, having previously worked with the business via a marketing agency between 2016 and 2017.

She has been heavily involved in the business’ expansion and development, building up its presence across multiple marketing functions.

Her work has assisted in the growth of Avamore’s loan book and contributed to a 197% rise in enquiries and leads year on year.

Sandhu also took the lead on Avamore’s approach to company culture and practices and, in 2019, she expanded her role further to work closely with the principals on scaling up Avamore’s sales approach.

In the past year, Sandhu has adopted additional responsibilities which focus on the operational side of the business.

In her combined role as head of operations and marketing, Sandhu will be taking a dual approach, working to elevate the Avamore brand whilst also focusing on service from all teams across the business.

Sandhu said: “I am pleased to be leading on operations and marketing at Avamore.

“Having grown with the business this is an exciting next step as I have always considered the two functions to go hand in hand.

“I believe it’s important to consistently review and improve our internal practices as well as find ways to enhance the Avamore brand in the market.

“Furthermore, in my capacity as a VP at the company, I am looking forward to working closely with the Principals and being more involved in strategic planning for future business growth.”

Nikolay Petkov, principal at Avamore, added: “We trust in Sabinder’s abilities and, we have every confidence in her excelling within her new role as head of operations and marketing.

“Every decision she makes she does with careful consideration and has not only Avamore’s best interests in mind as a business, but she also cares deeply about the company’s culture and most importantly for the whole team.

“She has driven a lot of positive changes at Avamore and has always led by example with her hard work, integrity and dedication.

“Sabinder has been an integral part of Avamore since the early years of us starting out and has progressed her way up the team, proving she has the key knowledge and attributes to execute this role effectively.”

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