Barclays to launch 60% buy-to-let fixes

BTL remortgage

Barclays will launch 2 and 5-year buy-to-let 60% LTV fixed rates tomorrow, as well reducing other buy-to-let rates.

Without a product fee at 60% LTV with a minimum loan of £35,000 and maximum of £1m, there will be a 2.33% 2-year fixed rate and 2.41% 5-year fixed rate.

The 1.59% 2-year fixed rate at 60% LTV with a 1,795 product fee and a minimum loan of £35,000 and maximum of £1m will be cut to 1.52%.

At 75% the 2.59% Premier 2-year fixed will decrease to 2.49% and 2.6% 2-year fixed will be cut to 2.5%.


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