BFS strengthen online client journey

Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS) has integrated a fully digital processing system into their business.

BFS has worked with customer experience focussed fintech Nivo, who have supported the move which will now enable digital/remote access of every feature of the application process as part of one seamless journey.

Steve Barber, managing director of BFS, said: “We are constantly exploring new ways where technology can improve our business processes, opening and enhancing channels of communication.

“The introduction of Nivo’s mobile-based onboarding and servicing solution will speed up the process considerably, removing lengthy wait times typically associated with signature driven documentation.

“Through Nivo, BFS can authenticate the applicant instantly with biometric technology, gather sensitive documentation from their customers over their mobile phone, and use Nivo’s immutable e-signing capabilities to finalise deals with their customers.

“They also can automate messaging with bots to ensure that their customers can reach them and continue processes out of business hours.

“Using this fully integrated single system, BFS is also able to now step away from using separate providers for open banking, ID&V, and e-signing, now gaining the benefits of using one for all that offers a seamless user journey.

“These enhancements make the loan process easier than ever before for BFS, and their clients.

“Whilst this approach is very much in its infancy, we have completed a number of applications and can see that an average application is taking some five minutes compared to hours, when following a traditional route.

“We’re incredibly pleased to once again be seen to lead the way in terms of our use of technology, and are the first bridging company to introduce this new and vastly improved way of working.”

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