British consumers back British businesses following Article 50

Over half (53%) of UK adults believe Brexit will open new opportunities for UK companies to expand globally, a survey from Asset Match has revealed.

This figure rises to 65% among those aged 55 and over, and exactly half of respondents plan to make a conscious effort to spend money with British businesses.

Over 55’s prove to be the most confident age group when it comes to economic national security, with 57% believing Brexit will prove a boost for the country’s economy.

Stuart Lucas, co-chief executive of Asset Match, said: “When Britain voted in favour of leaving the EU, there was inevitable uncertainty around what this would mean for consumers and businesses.

“Nine months on and with Article 50 now triggered, it’s clear that there is a far greater sense of optimism and drive among the UK public in favour of the growth opportunities made available to the UK’s scaling businesses.”

Over two fifths of Brits believe businesses will benefit from Brexit more than any other group. And a third stated that scaling businesses stand to gain more than any aspect of the UK’s private sector.

With an overall 46% confident the UK will emerge from Brexit in a strong economic position, these figures are welcome after the uncertainty brought about by the referendum vote in June 2016.

Lucas added: “During this vital time of transition, it will come as welcome news for any British company or brand that consumers are rallying behind them at a time where consumer support could not be more important.”

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