Budget 21: Furlough “protects salaries, not jobs”

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Budget 21: Following the news that the government will be extending the furlough scheme, developer recruitment platform CodinGame has warned that this simply delays the inevitable for many facing redundancy when it eventually ends. 


Aude Barral, co-founder of CodinGame, said: “There will be a collective sigh of relief from families across the country that the furlough scheme has been extended.

“Millions of people will have been facing the prospect of having little or no income from May, and for the time being that cliff-edge scenario has been avoided.

“But the problem hasn’t gone away, it’s simply been kicked down the road.

“Furlough is protects salaries, not jobs. Many furloughed workers will still be worried they won’t have a job to go back to when the financial support eventually ends.

“There will be thousands of businesses going to the wall over the coming months and sectors such as hospitality and retail may never fully recover.”

Barral argued that the government’s plans to protect jobs was not clearly outlined in the Chancellor’s Budget speech.

He said: “The government has provided its roadmap out of lockdown, but it’s roadmap out of furlough feels disjointed and a little vague.

“Millions of people are facing unemployment without the transferable skills they need to find a new career.”

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