The lesser known finance solution

Mon 19 Aug 2019

It is important to understand how these customers trade and have the confidence to support them with finance that is fit for purpose.

The property gravy train

Tue 13 Aug 2019

Arwel Griffith (pictured) is a partner at Robert Sterling Surveyors I was sat watching George Clarke’s council house scandal programme on Channel 4 recently and it referred in some detail to Mrs Thatcher’s right to buy. I seem to recall the scheme coming in and thinking it was a good idea at the time. However, […]

P2P exhibits numerous shortcomings

Mon 12 Aug 2019

Johan Groothaert (pictured) is CEO of Fiduciam Whilst the P2P model gained traction rapidly following the financial crisis, it exhibits a number of shortcomings. Firstly, retail clients and investors are often simply driven by yield, not evaluating the risks sufficiently. In some cases ‘mom and pop’ type investors are not sophisticated enough to analyse the […]

Is the PRS market suffering from a knowledge deficit?

Thu 25 Jul 2019

With low interest-rates and the Brexit impasse making for an uncertain economic climate, buy-to-let has become an increasingly attractive form of property investment in recent years due to the fact that it offers long-term capital growth and regular rent yields.