Central Bridging quotes £75m of loans in 10 days

Central Bridging has quotes £75m of loans in just over a week, including a £28m loan on a £60m residential property in Mayfair.

Further loans include a £22m loan on a commercial property in Canary Wharf and a £14m loan against two Knightsbridge residential properties.

Central Bridging also completed a £7m loan on a residential investment property in St Johns Wood.

John Clifford, managing director at Central Bridging, said: “With funders who allow us to retain full decision-making autonomy in house we can offer an initial directors decision and terms within hours.

“Thereafter, our team has the vast experience and knowledge needed to complete these large and unique loans quickly.

“Our brokers have told us that finding lenders who will consider very large loans against high value, single unit properties without imposing a maximum property value has been all but impossible in recent years.

“Thanks to our funding lines the impossible has now become possible.”

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