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Century Capital completes six deals in five days

Century Capital has recently completed six varied facilities within five days.

The six deals included a historic Grade II listed building, which required funding for restoration and Century Capital offered a loan-to-value (LTV) of 48.1% for the deal.

Another of the completed facilities was a family home in Cambridgeshire where the sale of the asset was the exit and a 35% LTV was required to finance the purchasing of a second asset.

A two-bed London flat was also a recent deal completed by Century Capital, and in this case the method of reimbursement was the sale of the asset with a 35% LTV required to finance the purchasing of a second asset.

In West Sussex, Century Capital provided a six month term at 60% LTV with the option to repay early on a property that required the release of equity to repay existing obligations.

A 12-month term at 65% LTV against the residential value was required for a property valued at £1.35m in South-East London with plans in place to transform the asset into a mixed use scheme.

This particular deal was fast tracked to completion given the desirability of the asset location and decision in principle (DIP) to support the exit.

The final facility completed of late was for a British Virgin Islands company who secured capital for a £4.25m East London property on a second charge at 65% LTV.

Paul Munford, chief executive at Century Capital, said: “We are equipped to handle all sorts of volume levels and different types of transactions.

“Our key unique selling point of excellent service levels has been proven by the speed we can turn around deals.

“More and more brokers are coming to the conclusion that Century is the brokers friend.”

Nick Hilton, head of lending at Century Capital, added: “With these fantastic and varied six deals, Century Capital has proved we deliver on competitive rates.

“We work with speed and flexibility to deliver completions within five working days.”

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