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Complete FS hires InterBay onsite underwriter

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Complete FS has appointed an onsite underwriter from commercial specialist lender Interbay.

The arrangement follows the appointment of an onsite underwriter from Kent Reliance. Interbay’s underwriter will be present in the packager’s Southampton offices on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.

Tony Salentino, Complete FS director, said: “We are delighted to be offered this resource from InterBay and the lion’s share of the thanks must go to our case managers, who deal with InterBay and Kent Reliance on a daily basis.

“This is a testament to their professionalism, market knowledge, experience, dedication to serving their introducers and the strong working relationships they have forged with their opposite numbers at Interbay and Kent Reliance.”

“Achieving a 90% enquiry to completion rate is unheard of and with an underwriter now on site, our introducers will be even better served.

“If ever there was a solid business argument for brokers to make use of packagers, then this is it. Consistent decisioning, quicker offers and more completions than going direct.

Darrell Walker, head of sales for InterBay Commercial, said: “It is testimony to the strength of the relationship between InterBay and Complete, that the introduction of an onsite underwriter was the natural next step to enable even quicker decision making and expert support, especially for complex cases.”

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