Complete FS shakes up charges for second charge

South Coast based packager Complete FS has launched a low cost second charge fee charging structure, which it believes will clear away one of the major barriers to brokers embracing second charge lending, namely high master broker fees.

Complete FS now offers a flat application fee of £199 along with the lender’s valuation fee and disbursements. There is no Master Broker Fee and the intermediary will determine the advice fee to be charged.

According to Complete FS’ director, Tony Salentino, excessive fee charging was one of the main reasons why advisers had been reluctant to adopt second charge loans over the remortgage alternative.

He said: “At Complete FS, we are looking to provide a much improved customer journey for secured loan borrowers, which is more transparent and does not involve exorbitant fees. The options we offer are designed to ensure that advisers have a clear choice to offer clients and also decide how much they want to take as a broker fee.”

Maeve Ward, sales and operations director at Shawbrook Bank, added: “It’s great to see Complete FS leading the way in education as well as addressing one of the main reasons why brokers have avoided second charges in the past, namely the fees! Now that seconds are regulated in exactly the same way as first charge mortgages and fees are allowed to be charged upfront, fees have started to come down. Complete FS is leading the way in aligning their model to that of the first charge sector. A breath of fresh air!”

To help brokers understand the secured loan market better, Complete FS is running its second roadshow of the year at Southampton Football Club on the 19 May and concentrating on the second charge market and the opportunities that are available now that there are alternatives to master broker charges.



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