Complete FS staff member honoured at expo

Complete FS mortgage underwriter Stevie Mansfield was handed an award at its expo last month.

Mansfield (pictured with Steve Griffiths) won Kensington’s specialist distribution award for fastest offer on packaged cases.

Steve Griffiths, Kensington’s director of sales and distribution, said: “I was delighted to be able to make our first award to Stevie Mansfield in front of so many people.

“At Kensington, we value the work done by our distribution partners and it is no surprise that Complete FS provided our first winner as their processing is always of a particularly high standard that enables us to make fast and positive decisions and get offers out quickly.”

There were over 200 attendees at the recent Circus Big Top themed Complete FS Expo, which included walkers, jugglers, aerialists and contortionists on arrival, as well as 31 lender exhibitors and 9 keynote speakers.

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