CSF wellbeing series continues with Jeremy Duncombe interview

Jeremy Duncombe

Crystal Specialist Finance (CSF) has continued its series of health and wellbeing interviews, with Jeremy Duncombe (pictured), director of mortgage distribution at Yorkshire Building Society and managing director at Accord, discussing the professional and personal challenges that have affected his wellbeing and shaped his life to date.


Premiering at 10.30am on Friday 16 April, Duncombe will discuss leadership styles, personal sacrifices made throughout his career and also the crucial part mentors frequently play.

He also shares the difficulties and emotions encountered when daughter Emily was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma aged just 15-years old, and how in recovery she continues to inspire him with her positive mindset.

Ultimately, Duncombe emphasises the importance of listening and encourages conversations to improve mental health, even if it is with only a small circle of trusted family and friends.

He is one of 12 leading financial service professionals who have agreed to step forward during 2021 to tell their stories, as well as making themselves available to support individuals who may need someone to talk to about their own difficulties.

The interview with Duncombe is the third in the ongoing CSF Health & Wellbeing Campaign, which aims to help individuals in the sector identify and take the necessary steps to overcome isolation, stress, grief, financial worries and fears about the future.

Jason Berry, group sales and marketing director at CSF, said: “People can often look at high-profile leaders and assume they are impervious to life’s problems but everyone, no matter what their position, has experienced personal and professional highs-and-lows and has needed help to move on from those tough periods.

“By sharing these stories we are genuinely hopeful we will help others recognise their own mental health requirements and know that, should they need help, they are not alone.

“To have Jeremy, Andrew Montlake and Scott Howitt share their personal stories and contact details shows just how seriously we are all addressing the issue.”

Duncombe said: “I’ve known Jason for a long time, and it therefore felt very natural to be able to talk openly with him.

“I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and made some great friends, so it’s good to be part of an initiative like this which encourages people to talk and share their stories.”


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