Enterprise upgrades broker portal

Master broker Enterprise Finance has upgraded to its recently-launched Apex broker portal.

The latest version of Apex augments the portal’s sourcing technology with transparent, milestone-based case tracking.

Harry Landy, sales director at Enterprise Finance, said: “In a competitive marketplace it is hugely important for brokers to meet the needs of both their clients and regulators by sourcing, tracking and referring cases with ease and precision.

“Enterprise Finance’s updated Apex portal is a platform that has been designed with this firmly in mind, and provides brokers with a refreshingly easy-to-use interface without compromising on accuracy. Our latest upgrade keeps Apex at the leading edge.

“The Mortgage Credit Directive means more brokers have to consider Second Charge Mortgages on more occasions. Using the Apex portal makes finding alternative finance solutions and complying with the regulations as easy as possible at every step. Brokers can therefore significantly reduce the work needed to meet the Directive’s obligations whilst delivering great outcomes for customers.”

Apex was designed upfront to comply with European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) processes. The portal retains MCD-friendly features like auto-recorded search logs that can be exported simply, making it easier for brokers to comply with the regulations at every step.

The latest upgrade features a greatly enhanced ‘milestone’ case tracking system. This means brokers can now view the outstanding steps each case requires – making it much easier to progress cases to completion. Further, the Enterprise team now provide brokers with bespoke progress notes on each case.

The Apex portal was initially launched on 21 March 2016 and now has over 900 users. An introductory video to Apex can be found at the following here.














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