Exclusive: Alan Dring joins Apex Bridging as a consultant

Alan Dring has left Hope Capital to join Apex Bridging on a consultancy basis.

Alan Dring and his wife Mel Dring are both directors of The Mad Approach. The business has just finished its consultancy role with Hope Capital and now has signed a six-month consultancy contract with Apex to support its growth plans.

Alan Dring said: “Apex is determined to grow its distribution and The Mad Approach is there to support them.

“We’ll start by reviewing with the Apex team its internal proposition and how it all works and what we can do to help them improve it. Then Sonia and her team will be confident they can go to a broader distribution base with stronger relationships and product proposition.

“The stakeholder principle is at the heart of what we’ve evolved elsewhere and will be essential with what we do at Apex, and that’ll be based on collaboration, communication and education.

“You collaborate with someone about their intentions and it’s integral both parties communicate. All the stakeholders need to be closely involved with what they develop and deliver.”

Sonia Shortland, director at Apex Bridging, added: “We are delighted to have Alan and Mel Dring on board to support our growth plans.

“They have a strong pedigree of success with other lenders in the sector and the testimonials from those lenders were significant in our decision to invite them to support us to drive our distribution plans.

“Apex has been trading successfully under the radar for nearly five years and now we are able to broaden and strengthen our proposition.

“Alan is renowned for his commitment to a stakeholder philosophy and we are looking forward to Apex improving its profile with lawyers, valuers, master brokers, and distributors, and to becoming the first port of call for a growing number of brokers who until now may not have heard of us.”

Jonathan Sealey, founder and chief executive of Hope Capital, said: “When we contracted The Mad Approach to support our growth strategy, we knew their proud reputation for delivering to an agreed brief and they did not disappoint.

“Thanks to Alan & Mel, Hope Capital now has a competitive advantage we did not have before they joined our team.

“Their emphasis on collaboration, communication and education is at the heart of The Mad Approach philosophy and it is now very much entrenched in the way Hope Capital’s proposition is promoted to its stakeholder partners.

“They came to us for six months and stayed for 15, that says it all. They leave us with lots of ideas, a much more structured approach to our growth aspirations and a new managing director in Gary Bailey, who will continue to take the company forward strategically.

“Hope Capital and myself personally wishes The Mad Approach every success for the future.”

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