Gareth Broome joins Presitige

Prestige Finance has appointed Gareth Broome as senior business development manager as it looks to strengthen its relationships with broker partners and intermediaries across the UK.

Broome has more than a decade of specialist experience in the intermediary sector and joins Prestige from New Street Mortgages where he was a key account manager. He also previously held roles at Affirmative Finance and Freedom Finance.

Darrell Walker, head of sales, second charge & commercial lending at OneSavings Bank, said: “Gareth brings a wealth of experience in intermediary lending and an extensive knowledge of the second charge market. His appointment is a demonstration of Prestige’s dedication to delivering the highest quality of service to existing and future intermediary partners and their clients, across the UK. This hire will help Prestige to further extend its reach across the UK, and broaden its face-to-face presence in the second charge market.

“This new addition to the team, combined with Prestige’s capacity for flexibility and common sense approach to underwriting, set the firm up well as we look forward to the beginning of the new year”

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