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High Net Worth DA brokerage rebrands and looks to recruit

AK Partnership, a directly authorised high-net worth brokerage, has rebranded and is recruiting brokers to join.

The company’s average loan size is £380,000 and it advises first-time buyers, remortgages, buy-to-let, bridging, commercial, overseas mortgages, while it is working with an international private finance company. The brokerage changed its website from adrian.partnership to

Adrian Knott, (pictured) broker and owner of AK Partnership, said: “The website sits better as a bigger company and that’s where we’re moving towards. We’re gradually now becoming known by clients as AK Partnership.

“We’re looking for grown up, experienced brokers who have a good client bank and want to go it alone. Setting up by yourself is difficult because you need regulatory framework.

“Brokers could go to a network which would help with the compliance but take a good portion of their revenue, but we offer an alternative.

“We offer a similar service but more bespoke with less hassle and a much more streamlined compliance process. We also have a generous commission split with the fee structure determined by the adviser, not the same across the board.

“In my opinion DA is the preferred route and offers more flexibility. There’s no corporate structure controlling your business and deciding who you can trade with and how you run your compliance. We give people all the options they could possibly want to run their business.”

Knott said that he does the checking with the help of Paradigm Mortgage Club, which AK Partnership is a partner of. It’s on Paradigm 13 Club, an exclusive club for firms with an excellent reputation for clients, compliance and quality of business.

He added: “We’re directly authorised but they support us with route to market. We have all the benefits of a network but without the bureaucracy and fees they charge.”

AK Partnership has been launching a number of networking events with a mixture of banks, clients and introducers.

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