Hope Capital launches Mini, Midi and Maxi product range

Hope Capital has launched a product range that offers a Mini, Midi and Maxi loan to choose from.

The Mini Loan starts at £50,000 and goes up to £150k; this is the first time the lender has been able to offer brokers and their clients loans from this low amount.

The Midi Loan starts from £150,000 and goes up to £500,000, with any loans above £500,000 falling into the Maxi Loan range.

Hope Capital has also revised its loan-to-values (LTVs) and rates in line with the new loan range. Interest rates start at just 0.54% per month.

The new product range is part of the Hope Capital Custom Collection, which comprises six different products, features and options, all of which are designed to give the most suitable solution for the borrower.

The loans have been designed specifically for residential properties and can be combined with other product features and options.

For example, there are options for zero fees and discounted rates, and they can also be combined with the existing Hope FleXi product.

Gary Bailey (pictured), managing director of Hope Capital, said: “We’re proud to be launching this new product range which includes our smallest ever loan, starting at £50,000.

“As part of the new Custom Collection, these three tiers aim to meet the needs of the broker and borrower.

“Considering the current market, we’ve placed an emphasis on upfront affordability with the new products.

“As always with Hope Capital, we aim to offer the utmost flexibility and speed whilst being transparent throughout the process.”

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