Kingston upon Hull is happiest place to rent in the UK

Kingston upon Hull is the happiest place to rent in the country, lettings platform Howsy has found.

Howsy analysed data from the ONS on the well-being score of each area of the UK before dividing this by the cost of renting in each area to see where offered the lowest rental cost for every positive point of well-being.

Calum Brannan, founder and chief executive of Howsy, said: “Having a safe, suitable roof over our head is one of the key things we all need in life and without this, well-being and happiness can suffer.

“With more of us relying on the lettings sector to provide this roof it’s become a crowded place, and the theme of happiness isn’t one we often associate with renting due to inadequate stock levels, poor customer service, a clunky outdated process and high costs.

“While we can’t keep rents from an increasing, we can definitely make the rental space a happier one and technology is helping us to address these traditional sticking points to provide a better, happier, more stress-free experience.”

Blaenau Gwent was the second happiest place to rent, while Wales also accounted for the third, fourth and fifth happiest locations to rent with Rhondda Cynon Taf, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire scoring highly.

Bolsover came sixth, with Powys accounting for the fifth Welsh entry in the top 10 and Dumfries and Galloway ranking number eight as the first Scottish entry.

North East Lincolnshire completed the top 10 with a score of £61.42 in rental costs for every positive well-being point scored.




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