Kuflink’s P2P platform receives authorisation

Kuflink has been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for its peer-to-peer platform.

Money lent by investors will be go through its sister company, the lender Kuflink Bridging.

Tarlochan Garcha, chief executive of Kuflink Group, said: “These are very exciting times for the group.

“We have been working with the FCA since August 2016 and we are delighted to have achieved full authorisation for our P2P platform in such a relatively short timeframe.

“I am in no doubt that the unique investor safeguards in the shape of Kuflink Bridging taking the first 20% of each loan made on to its own balance sheet, has helped us in our goal to become fully authorised so quickly.

“We now have a highly effective and complementary source of funding for our short-term lending proposition via Kuflink Bridging.

“Unlike some other lenders, we are not at the mercy of corporate funders, whose commitment to the market wavered, as we saw after the Brexit vote.

“Not only is Kuflink Bridging is able to provide a solid platform for consistent competitive lending facilities to the broker market, but Kuflink’s P2P proposition offers ordinary investors the opportunity for strong returns backed up by the best safeguards in the industry.”

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