Matt Cottle steps down from Specialist Mortgage Group

Matt Cottle has resigned from his position as chief executive of Specialist Mortgage Group.

In a heartfelt post on Linkedin, Cottle said: “Having been away from the business for a few months helping my wife and being a constant presence for our young family at home, I’ve decided to make it a permanent fixture.

“Our eldest daughter has a limited lifespan, and as the clock ticks louder, I have come to understand that the currency of time is more valuable than anything.”

Cottle also gave thanks to Barney Drake, co-founder of Specialist Mortgage Group and Benson Yeadon, chief financial officer.

He said: “I thank them for their understanding and for facilitating my exit at this important moment for our family.”

Drake will replace Cottle as chief executive.

Drake said: “After 20+ years of working with Matt, I am sad to see him go.

“We go way back: we first met at First National Bank back in 1998 and we’ve been through a huge amount together ever since.

“But when Matt told us back in September that he had to be there for his family, we completely understood.

“From a work perspective, I am lucky to have an incredible team around me: focussed, hard working and determined to weather the storms we are all experiencing.”

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