MBE19: Bridging market remains optimistic despite Brexit

The bridging industry is optimistic despite Brexit uncertainty, a panel at MBE London have concluded.

Scott Marshall, managing director at Roma Finance, said: “As far as we’re concerned Brexit is a non-issue.

“Last month was our best record month of lending and this month will be a good month and next month another record. We don’t see it affecting us. For us it’s business as usual.”

Mike Underwood, sales director, Bridging Vat, added: “As long as there’s entrepreneurial spirit we don’t see it having a great deal of effect.”

Kay Williams, regional sales director for the North of England at Ultimate Finance, emphasised that the UK is a strong economy and despite the political uncertainty can bounce back.

Paul Darwin, consultant at Blacks Solicitors, said that his only concern is at the moment is there is a lot competition which pushes lenders up the risk curve.

Darwin said: “It’s a question of balancing appetite for market share with those risks.”

The panel spoke at today’s Mortgage Business Expo at The Barbican Centre.


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