Mint Property Finance launches ‘Power Products’

Mint Property Finance has launched the first in a series of new ‘Power Products’.


The standard bridging product offers up to 85% loan-to-value (LTV), with rates starting from 0.4% per month.

This is available on loans ranging from £75,000 to £2.5m, with terms of up to 12 months.

In addition, Mint Property Finance has removed its minimum term, with no valuation or personal guarantee required on loans of up to 65% LTV.

The new product is available on properties secured in England and Wales, and foreign nationals can access the product at up to 75% LTV.

Andrew Lazare, founder and managing director of Mint Property Finance, said: “Most lenders including ourselves have always looked at short-term finance as an asset lending play where little credit is given to the borrower for their track record or net worth.

“Over the last few years whilst the sector has grown, the mindset of only lending against the security on offer hasn’t.

“We believe that borrowers with a proven track record and experience ought to be able to borrow more money from us without us having to seek additional security from them.

“Provided the exit strategy is sound we are able to now offer enhanced, market-leading loan to values.

“In addition, we have benchmarked our prices against our competitors to ensure we are competitive across the whole LTV spectrum with our rates starting at 0.4%pm, which is comparable to some challenger banks.

“As a privately funded lender we’re well recognised for delivering handcrafted lending solutions for our partners.

“We wanted to leverage our position further and launch a range of market-beating products that we hope will change the face of future lending.

“Our new products are a long time in the making and we are, with this first launch, delighted to bring them to market.”

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