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NACFB welcomes new associate patron


NACFB has welcomed a new associate patron, LDS Sales Guarantees, which provides sales guarantee contracts to developers in the pre-construction phase to acquire all units on a site.


On exchange, LDS pays a 10% deposit, which can be released unsecured at zero interest.

The guaranteed exit transforms the risk profile allowing lenders to offer improved terms.

For each unit sold, LDS takes a small fee and will complete on any unsold unit.

The LDS solution can help brokers increase their leverage with clients, improve lead conversions, and because LDS takes no security, could provide a simpler alternative to mezzanine finance.

As well as this, the NACFB is set to host the virtual Property Investment Finance Forum.

The forum looks to explain how brokers can further understand their clients’ business models and be able to identify quickly what lenders are active in which sectors.

It also seeks to outline how deals structured and how long the application process will take before the client can draw down funds.

On Tuesday 2 November, the NACFB will host the free online forum, sponsored by patron Precise Mortgages.

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