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Specialist lender Pepper Money has joined the Mortgage Market Alliance (MMA) as a founder member of the organisation.


The MMA launched earlier this year to promote the strong availability of mortgage lending and product choice to an increasingly diverse range of customers via an ongoing campaign of PR and education.

The MMA will communicate to customers that the mortgage market is open for business, has a strong appetite to lend, is increasing its reach and is highly competitive.

As a call to action, customers are encouraged to seek professional, independent advice as the best way to access the most appropriate options for their circumstances.

Pepper Money has recently launched its latest Adverse Credit Study, which found that there continues to be a significant perception gap between the number of people who believe that adverse credit will result in a declined mortgage application and the number of people for whom this has actually been the case.

Paul Adams, sales director at Pepper Money, said: “It is important that we encourage awareness and open discussion about credit problems and adverse credit, and it’s more important than ever that we do more to make the benefits of professional advice understood and available to a wider group of people.

“In doing this we can encourage people to make more informed decisions and open up options for their future finances and this will ultimately benefit everyone.

“With this in mind, we are proud to support the Mortgage Market Alliance and its objective to promote the availability for all types of customers as well as the benefits of professional advice.”

Rob Griffiths, director of the Mortgage Market Alliance, said: “We’d like to welcome Pepper Money to the Mortgage Market Alliance. As a specialist, Pepper is a good example of a lender able to help people with a range of different circumstances that is only available through mortgage advisers.

“Professional advice that considers an individual’s unique set of circumstances is so important, especially in the current environment, and it can open the door to new opportunities for mortgage borrowers.

“As we progress through this pandemic, the headlines may talk of a squeeze on the availability of mortgages, but the reality is that the market continues to present a diverse range of options and remains very much open for business.”

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