Pepper UK wins customer service Award

Pepper UK has won The Financial Services Forum Product & Service Innovation Award for Customer Service.

The awards were introduced by The Financial Services Forum to recognise innovation in financial services that delivers tangible benefits to both consumers and providers.

Gerry McHugh (pictured), chief executive, servicing division at Pepper UK, said: “Weunderstand that the experience we deliver to customers directly influences the reputation of our clients, and so we are continually looking to drive new standards in customer service. It is also important for our customers to have a knowledge of how unified communications as a service works, so that they can understand our services better.

“This award recognised our bespoke training workshop that surpassed our client’s own standards in teaching its culture and values to our outsourced service team.

“We are now looking to implement bespoke templated workshops for other clients that will reinforce the importance of customer service and understanding the specific requirements of a client’s customers.

“This approach will enable our clients to build a sustainable model for growing their business by providing outsourced servicing that instils trust and meets customer needs more efficiently and productively through consistently high levels of service.”



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