Private school fees are 38% more than renting

On average the annual fees to attend private schools are 38% more a year than the cost of renting in the surrounding town, lettings platform Bunk has found.

Bradford Grammar School is the highest with annual fees of £13,140 which is 107% more than the cost of renting in Bradford for a year (£6,360).

Tom Woolard, co-founder of Bunk, said: “There’s nothing like trivialising the high cost of renting to make yourself feel better about life, but it seems you have to go to some drastic lengths of in order to do so.

“For many, the cost of renting alone is a financial struggle and so the idea of spending a year or more of rent on anything else is probably incomprehensible although those attending these ‘great value’ schools are unlikely to see the dark side of the rental sector, let alone struggle in it.”

Following Bradford Grammar School is Nottingham High School, with the annual fee 99% higher than the annual rent.

The annual cost of attending the King Edward VI High School for Girls (£13,338) in Birmingham is 55% higher than the annual cost of rent in the city.



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