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Re-simulation figures released ahead of MEES

A third of commercial real estate with Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) rated D and E on its platform are at risk of falling into the F and G categories upon re-simulation, research by Arbnco suggests.

Almost a quarter of commercial real estate on its platform achieved a lower EPC rating upon re-simulation.

According to the research, 24% of all buildings in the portfolios achieved a lower rating, and buildings falling into the F & G band rating increased 8% to 22%.

These figures come after the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation coming into force in April 2018.

Simon West (pictured), co-founder of Arbnco, said: “With MEES just over a year away, landlords, property managers and their advisors need to be acting now to ensure buildings do not pose a risk.

“The analysis was conducted on well-managed building stock, so there is potential to observe a greater percentage drop in EPC ratings in poorer performing portfolios.

“Not everyone involved in the management of a building has a background in engineering, but the impacts of poor energy performance and forthcoming MEES legislation will affect all, and informed decisions need to be made.”

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