Recruiting women in finance

Gary Bailey (pictured), managing director Hope Capital

Recruiting in our industry can be a challenge, however, it is not impossible.  Hope Capital has grown immeasurably in the last year and our team has expanded accordingly.  Within the process of recruiting we have made it our business to address the gender imbalance that is prevalent across the financial services sector.

Last year we signed the Women in Finance Charter which commits companies to build a more balanced and fair industry and increase the representation of women in finance.  Currently Hope Capital’s workforce is 65% female, which is in excess of the 30% target set by most firms that have signed the charter.

A commitment such as signing the charter is another way for companies to present themselves as an attractive proposition.  The industry needs new talent of course, but there are also those already working in the industry that will be looking to work in a business that believes in gender balance.

Another important element of any recruitment process is what happens once a new person comes on board.  Investing in your staff so that they can see a clear path and want to progress within the business is vital.  No-one wants new staff to come and then leave, you want them to know that the company is invested in them and that progression is encouraged.  It’s important that those who want to expand their knowledge and experience are given the opportunity and support to do so. This is something that we do at Hope Capital, however it is a two-way street and promotion only happens when it is desired and deserved.

Finally, and unfortunately, there are no qualifications that are specific to our industry and this is something that does need to be addressed on a wider basis.  A qualification would not only encourage new entrants to the sector and give them something to aim for, but it would also give the industry the professional status associated with other financial services sectors.


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