Secure Trust Bank partners with CMME

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Secure Trust Bank’s mortgage division has partnered with specialist mortgage broker CMME.

The partnership starts on 1 May and sees Secure Trust Bank join the lender panel of CMME to further support customers who are often overlooked by the high street lenders.

Tony Hall, head of sales and marketing at Secure Trust Bank, said: “We’re delighted to partner with CMME.

“The business shares similar values with Secure Trust Bank in that its team recognises that every case is different and professionals can often have complex incomes or unique circumstances that shouldn’t necessarily be a barrier to entry.

“This partnership introduces our services to an even broader pool of customers who will benefit from the discretionary lending policy and individual underwriting services we offer.

“We are excited to begin working with CMME and look forward to delivering great outcomes for their customers.”

Jason Powell, chief executive at CMME, said: “We are very excited to start this new partnership with Secure Trust Bank.

“It is unusual for us to work with a bank which shares our commitment to helping those with complex incomes.

“Equally, we were very impressed with the flexibility Secure Trust Bank has displayed in developing unique criteria to support our partnership.

“The products developed will help all those with complex income, but in particular will help those new to contracting and self-employment get the mortgage they deserve.”




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