Signature Property Finance makes appointments to senior team

Specialist short-term property finance provider Signature Property Finance has added chairman David Pusinelli and non-executive director Nigel Payne to its senior management team.

CEO Tony Gilbertson and his senior management team successfully completed a £16.8m management buyout of the business in January this year, securing new investment from Foresight Group.

Pusinelli has more than 40 years’ experience in finance roles, and is also currently chairman of an online retail point-of-sale finance company and non-executive director at a specialist SME asset finance business.

Payne has sector experience in mortgages, mortgage broking, insurance, savings, peer-to-peer lending and legal services.

He has been Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved for over 15 years, and is chairman of an industry trade body and member of a government committee.

Gilbertson said: “It is gratifying when a business like Signature can bring on board individuals of the calibre of David and Nigel, with their vast experience shaped by long careers in a variety of finance-based roles.

“To some it might appear odd to make two such strong appointments at the same time, but this reflects the distinct difference in their roles and how we believe each can strengthen our businesses with the unique skills each possesses.”

Pusinelli said: “Signature is a well-managed business with a good senior team and great potential, that has a clear plan for growth.

“I’m looking forward to working with Tony and his team over the next few years to ensure it realises all the potential on display.

“I expect considerable change to the market in the months ahead as we return to ‘business as usual’, whatever that looks like in a few months, and Signature will emerge stronger, with an enhanced reputation for having looked after its clients through the challenges of the coronavirus lockdown.”

Payne added: “It’s a good time to join Signature as it begins the next chapter in its story and I’m confident my knowledge of the market and the people within it, will open the right doors to help deliver the projected growth.

“It’s hard for businesses to look forwards with optimism given what’s happening in the world, but the property market will bounce back as it always does according to

“Discerning developers will seek out trusted lenders like Signature, who do what they say they will do, which counts for a lot when it’s tough.”

Gilbertson continued: “Appointing David as chairman, has already helped raise our profile with the financial institutions that will make a real difference to our future and I’m keen to work with him on the next stage of our growth, whilst letting everyone know about our appetite for lending.

“Nigel as non-executive director will play a vital role in promoting the Signature brand and introducing it to the contacts that can make a real difference to not just our success as a short-term property finance business, but the speed at which we can deliver growth.”

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