TAB launches online investment platform

TAB has launched an online investment platform, powered by TAB Tech.


The TAB platform aims to provide a seamless investment journey into bridging loans, development finance and fractional property.

Features include a streamlined onboarding process and a dashboard overview, which provides both consolidated and detailed views of investments as well as downloadable statements.

In addition, it provides access to the TAB Market, which allows investors to view all of the firm’s investment opportunities in one place.

Investors can open different types of accounts including individual, joint and corporate; in the future TAB will be offering Trust and SIPP accounts through the platform as well.

The platform requires a £1,000 minimum investment.

The firm has also launched a new website, which aims to provide greater detail on the TAB products, both for investors and borrowers.

Further down the line, borrowers and brokers will have access to a version of the platform as well, where they can apply for loans, track the progress of their applications and loan performance through their own dashboard.

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