TMW cuts rates for limited company and HMO buy-to-lets

The Mortgage Works has reduced limited company and HMO buy-to-let mortgage rates.

TMW is now offering a 2-year fixed limited company mortgage at 75% loan-to-value at 2.84% with a £1,995 fee, or 3.29% with no fee.

On limited company HMO mortgages, a 2-year fix is available at 3.49% to 75% LTV with a £1,995 fee, while a 5-year fix is priced at 3.74%.

Paul Wootton, managing director of TMW, said: “This range of changes is designed to support landlords, including those looking for limited company and HMO options as well as those with large portfolios.

“By offering competitive rates and a wider choice of products to help manage their cashflow, we are demonstrating TMW’s continued commitment to supporting intermediaries and landlords.”

The Mortgage Works has also launched a range of 2-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages with a £1,995 fee, with rates starting at 1.64% to 65% LTV with £250 cashback.

There are also additional options in the large portfolio range, with new further advance and let to buy options.

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