Together lends a bridging loan in 36 hours

Together has agreed a bridging loan in 36 hours to help a customer renovate his new home and pay a solicitor’s bill.

This was after the customer was hit with an unexpected three-month delay on the sale of his house.

Together agreed a 12-month short-term loan of £54,490 to bridge the gap while his house sale completed.

Nick Jones (pictured), head of specialist distribution at Together, said: “This kind of case demonstrates how we can work closely with a broker to pull out all the stops when we are up against time.

“The Loan Partnership submitted the case to us at 7am on a Tuesday and it was so well packaged that we were able to complete the process and complete by 12pm on the Wednesday.

“We worked quickly and efficiently with the trusted partner to provide fast finance and deliver a positive outcome for the customer.”

The case was brought to Together by The Loan Partnership, a member of the Together+ initiative.

Andy Pelley, director at The Loan Partnership, said: “Together has a reputation as a lender that delivers an exceptional service under pressure and timescales.

“Our experience with the lender, developed over many years, meant we were able to package and submit the application overnight to ensure no time was lost.

“We know Together’s capability to turn applications around in a short space of time and are delighted with the seamless collaboration between ourselves and the lender.”



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