Two in five renters have negligent landlords

Two in five renters are stuck with landlords who refuse to repair problem-ridden properties, search from the HomeOwners Alliance found.

These tenants are said to be stuck in cold, damp properties, with landlords who are unwilling to carry out basic repairs and maintenance.

The search also found that three in five renters fear they will never afford to own their own home.

Paula Higgins, chief executive of the HomeOwners Alliance, said: “We have a crisis on our hands.

“A majority living in rented accommodation desperately want to buy a home of their own – yet most think this is a pipe dream. This shouldn’t be the case in the fifth strongest economy in the world.

“Not only that, but it is disgraceful that such high numbers of people living in rented accommodation are putting up with damp, cold properties and reluctant landlords who do not maintain their homes to the required standards.

“It has been incredibly unfair that such high charges have been put on those living in the rental sector and the Home Owners Alliance welcomes this overdue ban.

“Help to Buy continues to be a popular scheme despite fundamental leasehold problems, while features offered by Build to Rent developments are also attractive to consumers, including security of tenure. Shared ownership has also lost some of its shine.”

More than three quarters (77%) of UK households renting in the UK would like to own their own home.

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