Whitehall Capital Fund achieves best quarterly performance

Whitehall Capital Fund, the specialist commercial and residential property bridge financing fund, has achieved its best quarterly performance since March 2017.

It posted a positive return of 2.78% for the July to September period.

So far this year, the fund has delivered a strong positive return of 8.02% despite the looming Brexit uncertainty and the general slowdown seen in the UK housing market.

Anthony Bodenstein, managing partner at Whitehall Capital, said: “A second consecutive record quarter for the Fund is a testament to the ability of the very talented team at Whitehall Capital to consistently deliver positive returns, especially when set against the backdrop of Brexit and a general housing market slowdown.

“The Fund has now returned 21.44% since its inception in 2017, significantly outperforming the hedge fund sector and stock markets in general.

“Importantly, as all our loans are property backed and capped at 60% of the property’s value, this strong performance has been delivered without taking on board undue risk.

“Strict risk management is central to Whitehall’s investment process. As a result, the Fund benefits from an attractive risk /return profile.

“Being a sub-fund of a wealth manager Amram Capital we continue to have access to readily available capital, thereby reducing the turnaround time for granting loans, and giving us a competitive advantage over other lenders.

“I’m confident that this shall contribute to the continued success of the fund and I hope to report another record quarter in the new year.”

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